[Sissy Attitude] Lesson 4: Changing your point of view.

Hello girls. Hope you all are doing well.

Quick question, when you see this image…. who do you compare yourself to?

are you the guy, or the gal? what did you notice first?

Lets try again, who do you feel more like? right or left?

Lets keep looking and thinking………

Who do you WISH to be in this image sissy?

I think we both know what you want at this point sissy.

Lets not play games sissy, you chose girl, girl ,girl! You want to be a girl! You aren’t a guy! You are a girly sissy!

say it out loud. “I want to be a girl” say it over and over again. You want to be a girl. We both know it. There is nothing wrong with being like this sissy. For a long time now you insert yourself as a girl when you watch porn. Its time to realize and admit this fact. Its a great habit that I want you to continue to grow and develop. Honestly, you shouldn’t even be watching anything with naked women at this point, you prefer a cock on the screen.

From now on, if you do watch porn (which is something you should be watching less of as you find a boyfriend or girlfriend to serve) It should be female pov, or at the very least very girly kinds of videos. MMF threesomes are ok as long as you are imaging yourself as the F between the two M’s 😉

and for the “straight” sissies out there, don’t worry its not gay to watch videos without naked ladies, nor is it gay to look at pictures of cock. Its perfectly normal. You see from a girls point of view as a sissy so in a way its actually “straight” for you to look at cock and not naked women!

Enjoy embracing your new point of view sissy. See you next week

[Sissy Attitude] Lesson 3: Being a “Simp”?

Hi sissies! Today we will be talking about a term being thrown around in pop culture. The term is “Simp.” I personally find this term to be kind of offensive, and it seems to be exclusively used a slur. I think with a little bit of creativity and open mindedness we can transform “Simp” into being something pretty and fun, instead of condescending and rude.

Here’s a fun example. Lets say you drive over to one of your girl friend’s house after getting off work to hang out. You didn’t have time to put on a cute clothes, do your makeup, or style your hair and you just want to hang out for a while before you go home. Your friend tells you that she is so happy to see you because she has a date in a couple hours and needs help getting ready. Of course you spring right into action helping her primp for her date, helping her get pretty for the handsome man who will be picking her up shortly.

She hates when you wear male clothes, but understands you just got off work.

This is an act that some people would call “simping” but really, you are happy your friend is about to get some attention from a hot guy and you cannot wait to hear all about it.

Here is another example, lets say you are out for coffee with one of your girl friends and she starts talking about the amazing date she had last night. She goes into detail talking about how she hooked up with a hot guy she meet on Tinder, and then starts telling you every juicy bit of what they did in the bedroom together. You of course love to hear about this. You love hearing pretty girls talk about the dates they have with men and you get even more excited when girls tell you about what hot guys do to them in the bedroom. Who wouldn’t find that exciting? You then pay for her drink and thank her for telling you about her date, she hugs you and tells you what a great friend you are for listening to her and spending time with her.

Does this make you a “simp”? Sure. Maybe some people would call you a simp for hanging out with a girl and listening to her talk to you casually about her sexual experiences with other men, then paying for her food/drink. The thing is you aren’t being a “simp,” you are just being a great friend. You make her happy in a non sexual way, she loves having a sweet sissy to talk to and she does not make you feel bad about yourself. She encourages, and accepts your sissy personality. Sounds like a rewarding friendship, and nothing to be ashamed about. This is the kind of relationship with women that you crave.

If this behavior makes you a “Simp” then so be it, its not like you care about words. You could even say out loud “I am a Simp” or “I am a sissy” a few times just for fun. Those words are empowering, not shameful.

So I hope you girls learned something here. It’s important to make some female friends, and I hope you girls either have some women in your life who know about your sissy side, or are in the process of meeting these types of girl friends. They will be amazing influences on you, and will help feminize you in ways you never thought possible.

See you next week Simp….. oops! I mean sissy ; )

[Sissy New Year]

Hi Sissies, did you miss me last week? I hope you all had a great holiday, and thanks for being a part of the beabettersissy community!

Today we are going to talk about how you can be a better sissy in 2022! I know by now you girls have read my other blog posts, so now you are all smooth, girly, hyper feminine sissies! and I’m so proud of you! But, you can always improve sissy. There is always work to be done on your complete and total sissification, as we go into the new year my hope is that by the end you are even pinker and prettier than before : )

How I want you to improve this year.

Its time to get serious, sissy. No more simple tasks such as buying underwear or shaving your legs. You are a complete princess, and you need to act like one without being told. Wearing men’s underwear or having facial hair is completely unacceptable and I am not going to repeat the basics, sissy. If you need a refresher course on how to dress or what beginner steps to take, then go back to the beginning of the blog and read all of the posts so far. I am assuming by now the good girls who know how to dress and behave are still here, and are patiently awaiting the next step in the permanent sissification process.

It’s gone and it’s not coming back!

Over the course of the next year you girls will be expected to take several new steps, and there will be entire blog posts covering them in depth, just to tease you girls I’ll give you some visual hints on what to expect.

Getting in shape
New accessories
Changing how you have oral sex
And of course, learning to focus on the important things.

As you can see, it’s going to be a big year for you, sissy! But I’m so confident in you girls, I know you are going to do great and can’t wait to get to know and help you girls more over the course of the year. Remember to keep checking the blog every week and if anything happens to the blog, you can reach out to me on reddit at u/Bebettersissyblog.

Bye girls, see you next week. Comment any new year resolutions you have below.

[Sissy Attitude] Lesson 2: “Girlfriends”

Hi sissies! you girls seemed to really enjoy the quiz I had you do last weekend, this makes me so happy since I know its one of the best sissification exercises! for example, you girls already know exactly what to focus on when you see something like this….

You just LOVE those shoes right? and the dress, and you even noticed the cute hairclip. Looks like something you would wear sissy.

Now….remember sissy, you see girls as friends. You don’t lust after them or chase them, you always let girls know you are a sissy, so they feel at ease talking to you about makeup, clothes, and even sex with their boyfriends! You love hearing about your female friends lives!

Having fun with a friend 🙂

Your relationship with women is different as a sissy, before you would get shy around girls but now you can feel totally at ease. You can still “check out” women but you wont be noticing their bodies, no sissy you will be noticing the cute clothes, the pretty makeup, and the fabulous shoes they wear!

and… If you see a girl walking with her boyfriend you might even get jealous at how pretty she is, and wish you could have a boyfriend just like she has. This is totally normal sissy, its natural to want male attention and its very normal for you to want to be pretty.

So even if you don’t have a boyfriend right now, don’t worry! You will be making plenty of “girlfriends” who will support you and befriend you. They will help feminize you in all kinds of amazing ways, from the girly phrases and mannerisms you pick up, to the fashion and makeup help they give you. You are “One of the girls” from now on!

And remember sissy, from now on if you feel jealous when you see a girl because you wish so bad you could be in her place just remember this is totally normal for you.

See you next week sissy

[Sissy Pop Quiz 1]

Hi girls, it has been another week. Are you sissies getting better with my help? I sure hope so… Today we will do a short pop quiz to see if you have developed a more sissified way of thinking. Look at the picture, then write or say out loud the first couple of things you notice. Good luck sissy!

Question 1: what do you notice?

Well that’s easy! Her heels of course! there isn’t even anything else to really consider since you always look at a woman’s shoes and outfit when you first see her.

I’ll assume you got that question right since it was so easy…

Question 2: what do you notice?

OMG, totally her nails, dress and hair right? I thought so too!!! Nothing else really pops out to me in the picture, any girl would love to own a dress like this though. Wouldn’t you?

So sissy, for question two acceptable answers would be: Hair, Nails, Dress, or Necklace. Makeup is also an acceptable answer, anything else is a zero for you.

Question 3: What do you notice?

Okay, you get the point this time right? Very similar to the previous question, you noticed her pretty nails, cute outfit, beautiful hair, and her gorgeous makeup. Good job sissy!

Time for the last question! This one might trick you!

Question 4: what do you notice?

So sissy, did anything catch your eye here? Hmmm….. I wonder what you girls noticed first. Was it the blonde’s cute gym outfit? No? what were you looking at then?

I think we both know what caught your eye, Sissy. So don’t be shy. I hope you all did well on this quiz. The next quiz may be longer or shorter but there will be more. Feel free to talk about what you noticed and how you scored on the test in the comments below!

Bye sissy.

[Sissy Shoutout] Sissy Girl Lauren

Hi sissies, this weeks post is short. You know I love to spoil you girls with training and assignments, I hope you girls are taking my advice to heart and changing your habits and lifestyle piece by piece to become a better sissy every day.

This week I would like you girls to read an erotic post written over 10 years ago that still holds up as being quite an exciting read for most sissies! I doubt most of you have ever read it, and while I haven’t checked out the creators entire blog this article is wonderful (This article is definitely for adults only, shy sissies be warned)


Of course for the “100% Straight” sissies with no interest in men or cock, read the article just for fun sissy! You definitely wont get turned on so it will just be a silly article you can read and laugh about ; )

You’d NEVER dream of being like this girl right? I’m not too sure I believe you sissy…

See you next week, don’t be scared to leave some love in the comments girls.

[Sissy Task 3] A Sissy Makeover

Hello sissies, hope you girls have had a fabulous holiday if in the states or a great weekend for all the international Sissies. I hope by now I don’t need to remind you girls to dress appropriately for the blog; panties, bras, dresses, girly PJs are all acceptable. Boxers and briefs are an absolute no-no. I will quickly remind you girls about the proper attire before we move on with this weeks sissy training.

( Not my caption but it really gets the point across)

Lets make sure we are looking like the pretty ladies on the left, ok? You should not be wearing male clothes when you are at home, sissy. Commit to being cute and girly.


This is much better.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about what you will be doing today! This week’s assignment is to get a makeover, you can either do your own makeup or if you have an understanding female friend, or perhaps a gay male friend who can help you that would be great! Makeup is challenging at the beginning and many sissies will not know how to properly apply it, so having a friend to help you is super helpful. If you are going into this without help, definitely watch some makeup tutorials and practice your skills.

Makeup can really help sissies to look more convincingly feminine. It’s also very fun to learn how to apply it!

Another note on makeup, you may find that doing your makeup turns you on…. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would be very happy to hear that you sissies get aroused by wearing makeup, or putting on a pretty dress. It just means you really are a sissy, as a real manly man would feel nothing but embarrassment from that! Don’t feel ashamed if getting a makeover turns you on! Its totally normal for sissies like you (please do not subject others to your arousal without consent, If makeup is a turn on for you, it should be done with someone who consents, not one of your girl friends who is helping you out. She isn’t interested in your arousal.)

The best thing would be for a boyfriend or girlfriend to do your sissy makeover, because then they could take you into their bedroom and mess your makeup all up! You would have to go fix it afterwards, of course.

You girls have an assignment, and I really hope you do it. As always feel free to post pictures of the makeover online, and leave some love and kisses in the comments if you read the blog and want more.

See you next week girls.

[Sissy Attitude] Lesson 1: Thinking Correctly

Hey sissies! Welcome back to the blog. I hope you girls are enjoying your Sunday and are ready for your weekly conditioning : )

I know you girls bought some cute clothes last week so of course this week I will not expect you to purchase anything. This week we will be making sure you are having correct thoughts aka girly thoughts! Remember sissy, you are not a man anymore. You are here for a reason, you are a prissy, effeminate girl. You need to get rid of your male ego and pattern of thinking, its gross and will turn off your female friends.

How you should interact with girls, as a cute friend.

You will need to change how you think, and what you notice around the females in your life. They need to feel like you are on the same “team” as them so they can see you as the sissy you are! Girls will be so happy to be your friend and will teach you all the right habits if you can beat your useless male ego. Just let it go, its not needed anymore.

why aren’t you wearing a dress? and why didn’t you shave? You are really grossing me out right now….

So sissy, when you see a woman… you need to spend less time focused on her tits and her butt. You really need to focus on her outfit, hair, nails, and jewelry. Her mannerisms are important too, if you have female friends in your life you need to start copying the mannerisms you see them display. Don’t let your mind wander to dirty thoughts about women, just try to be a sweet girl friend for them.

What do you notice first?

Like with the woman above, wouldn’t you love for her to tell you all about the guy she went out with last night while you help her paint her nails? You could be a great friend to her! Just make sure to give off a girly vibe, don’t stare at her. Compliment her clothes or her shoes, she’ll understand what kind of a person you are.

Notice the cute painted toes sissy, but don’t stare.

When you see a hot chick, think to yourself ” How can I make her feel like I am not a threat to her”. You should strive to make women feel at ease around you, you will meet so many great female role models this way. Many women will be happy to meet a sissy like you, they can teach you how to be girly, and you will make a lot of progress on your sissy side! Don’t stare at them or give off a weird sexual vibe, it will gross them out and make them want to get away from you.

However, if a strong dominant woman decides she wants you. And she initiates a kiss, or says she wants you to be her girlfriend you should definitely take her up on it if you are attracted to her and comfortable with it! Let her feminize you! Maybe even call her Mommy if that’s something you are into….

That’s you on the left sissy.

I know many sissies are attracted to women, as well as men, and everything in-between. You don’t have to swear off women as a sissy, just let them come to your weak, feminine self. Don’t seek them out or chase them like a man would, let yourself be the one who is chased. Be submissive and if you are lucky enough to find a dominant woman, let her do what she pleases with you (with consent of course you silly sissies, I would never advocate you put yourself in danger).

Of course you need to change your behavior around men too but that’s a topic for another day…. Leave some love in the comments if you enjoyed this training sissy, and remember to think correct thoughts.

See you next week sissy

[Sissy Task 2] Sissy Essentials

Hey sissies! Have you had a good week? It’s good to see you are back, this week we will be talking about the next steps in developing your femme side. Remember as always to view this blog, it is ESSENTIAL to be in the proper mindset, and to be wearing the proper blog attire.

Just to remind you girls…

Do not come to the blog dressed like this.

Coming to the blog dressed like a guy is unacceptable. I know you good girls from last week are dressed in some girly clothes, and are smooth shaven. You good sissies are dressed more appropriately, I just had to remind the bad sissies of the ground rules.

Much better

Now sissies, today you will be going shopping! I know you are so excited, now if you are a shy sissy of course you can shop online, but I would be very happy if you go shopping in person. You can even bring a girl friend with you to help you shop, she might be able to help you with figuring out your size in women’s clothing.

“Of course I will help you, thanks for telling me about your crossdressing!”

So sissy, your options are shop online for shy girls, shop by yourself in person for brave girls, or have a girl friend shop with you if you are lucky enough to have an understanding friend. Having a girl helping you would be best since she can help you and give you some fashion advice. Now what do I want you to buy? Just the essentials today girls. I know you want to go buy every pretty dress you see but we need to go slow.

Your Sissy Shopping List:

  • 2-7 Pairs of panties in various styles and colors, whatever panties your little sissy heart wants. Its highly likely you will find some panties fit you much better than others so I encourage you to buy several pairs to determine what kind suits you.
  • 2-3 Bra/Bralette I prefer you girls start with bralettes since they will be more comfortable, a bra with cups may feel strange but feel free to buy one of those as well if it suits you.
  • 1 Cute set of pajamas you can go nuts here girls, I wont tell you what kind of pajamas to buy just make sure they are cute and very feminine. Ideally pink.
  • 1-3 pairs of stockings, knee high socks, or leggings. something tight to cling to your smooth sissy legs.
  • A bottle of nail polish.
Some inspiration for you, Sissy.

I know that is a lot to buy sissy! Think of it as an investment, in yourself and your femininity. If you are in the States, I recommend checking out Target, Victoria’s Secret, or T.J.Maxx. For our international sissies, I cannot recommend any retailers, but that doesn’t mean you cant go shopping! Go get some cute clothes! Be girly! and of course, since I mentioned nail polish, I want you girls to paint your nails. Ideally you can do fingers and toes, if you are a secret sissy then you can paint just your toenails.

If you girls followed this assignment, and are so proud of your new look, I would love to see you post your outfits on reddit! or your nails! my username is u/Bebettersissyblog so feel free to post a pic and tag me or include the name of the blog in the title of the post like this [Be a Better Sissy Task 2: Essentials] (only post if you are 18+ and please, no nudity, keep it classy sissies).

Have fun Sissies, and come back next week.

[Sissy Task 1] Sissy Pre-reqs

Hello everyone. This is the first real post for the Be a Better Sissy Blog! This activity will really set you girls up to on the right path to embrace your girly side. We will also be filtering out the non-sissies who should really be somewhere else, not on a seriously girly girl blog like this. You do want to be a better sissy right?

Of course I do!

Now, I know some of you are already doing the right things in order to really be a girly, effeminate, sissy! so this post might not really change your habits. You probably are already doing what I’m about to suggest, if so; I’m so proud of you, but remember we are starting from scratch here and I need to make sure this blog has ONLY Girls/Sissies/Feminine users. Masculine men are not really the target audience, so we will be (trying) to eliminate them from the site ( or at least politely asking them to leave)

So…… Im going to lay a few ground rules. You will NOT come to this blog looking like this from now on.

This is a no-no.

Instead, I would like for you to come to this blog more prepared, more like this!

OMG I love oreos, and her nails…

I don’t want to hear any excuses from you, If you cannot do what I am about to ask I along with the rest of the users would like to ask you to please leave the blog and go do something else, this is a feminine place. So in order to participate you MUST do the following 3 steps.

Step One: Body Hair Removal.

You will either Nair ( my recommendation ), shave, wax, epilate, or otherwise remove body hair from your face down to your toes. I don’t want to hear excuses, most sissies have already been doing this and you can’t put it off any longer. From now on you will develop a hair removal habit, and maintain a smooth body. If you refuse to do this, you cannot move on with this blog and I will for the last time politely ask that you leave here. After this I am assuming you have listened and are completely hairless below the neck. ( sorry if it sounds mean, its just THAT important)

Step Two: Proper Blog Attire

If you are reading this then I can be sure you are totally smooth from the neck down! Great job girly girls. Now, male/masculine clothing is not really something we should be wearing while on this blog. Im not going to accept some guy showing up to this blog in a pair of boxers

Not acceptable attire for this blog.

That is not what we should be wearing. Not on this blog….. not ever…… You need to be wearing at minimum some cute panties or pajamas. An entire girly outfit with your nails done or a wig/long hairstyle is even better!


At this point you should be smooth shaven and wearing some cute clothes. You go sissy!

Now we can move on to the last of your first, very basic introduction to being a sissy.

Step Three: Acceptance.

This might sound silly ( bear with me girls ) but you need to truly accept that you are a sissy, and say it out loud. You are shaved and wearing Women’s clothing. The men already left the blog, It’s just us now so don’t be scared I want you to as silly as it sounds look at the picture below and say out loud to the girls ” I am a sissy, I accept myself ” say it as many times as you need until it feels natural and don’t let any feeling of insecurity try and persuade you that this “isn’t right”. This is necessary for you to grow yourself and develop your feminine side to its fullest.

Tell them how you feel.

I hope this helped you sissy, come back next week.